Falaise  3.3.0
SuperNEMO Software Toolkit
Manage resource files in Falaise

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Introduction to resource files

Each version of Falaise is delivered with a set of resource files, stored from the resources/ source directory.

A resource file is typically a configuration file used by the simulation or the reconstruction pipeline to setup some specific components of the data processing software chain. It may also consist in a data file that must be loaded at program startup to initiate some algorithms or functionalities.

Most of the configuration files published in Falaise use a text format compatible with the datatools::properties or datatools::multi_properties classes provided by the Bayeux library.

Resource files directory

The resources/ source directory is located at the root of the Falaise's source tree. After installation, the resources files will be stored from the ̀̀{Falaise install path}/share/Falaise-{falaise version}/resources/`` path.

The resources/ source directory is organized by topics : configuration files, examples, tags (URN management). Each time a new resource file has to be published, it must be stored in the relevant subdirectory.

For example, the config/snemo/demonstrator/geometry/4.0/manager.conf file is the top configuration file for the SuperNEMO demonstrator's virtual geometry model identified with the tag 4.0. Should one add an improved geometry model typically tagged 4.1, it would make sense to store its new main configuration file as: config/snemo/demonstrator/geometry/4.1/manager.conf.

Usually, building a new configuration for a given application (simulation, reconstruction...) or service (geometry...) in Falaise implies publishing several new resource files at the same time. Developers or experts of the new functionality have to populate the relevant files in specific possibly new subdirectories.

Resource file registration

Once stored in the resources/ source directory, the new files must be registered in Falaise. Falaise provides a dedicated script to generate automatically the list of all resource files that are part of a given release: the resources/_BuildResourceList.sh script. This script must be run every time a resource file is added in or removed from the resources/ source directory. It builds the updated official list of resource files associated to a given Falaise release. This list is stored in the resources/_resources.cmake file which in turn is read by CMake during the build & installation process.

Note that files of which the names start with an underscore (example: _foo.txt) are not registered in the official list of resource files. This convention enables to store in the resources/ directory some files that are not intended to be published but only used by experts during the development process.

Details are given in the resources/_README_DEVELOPERS.rst file.

Resource file path in Falaise

Falaise has a special mechanism to automatically locate the installation path of any resource file. A special syntax is used to describe the path of a resource file relatively to the resource installation top directory. The syntax simply uses the @falaise: prefix in front of the relative path of the resource file. The datatools::fetch_path_with_env(std::string &) function, provided by Bayeux, is used to resolve the real installation path of the file. Essentially, this prefix acts as an environment variable storing the installation path of the resource file directory.

Example: the real path of the main configuration file of the SuperNEMO geometry model tagged 4.0 can be addressed with the following string: "@falaise:config/geometry/snemo/demonstrator/3.0/manager.conf"