Falaise  3.3.0
SuperNEMO Software Toolkit
Using The FLPTD2Root Application

Table of Contents

Introduction to FLPTD2Root

At present, the builtin ROOT formatter of flreconstruct only outputs the basic raw and calibrated data banks. To help in user analysis, a simple converter program, flptd2root.py is provided to convert all data banks to a flat ROOT TTree for further analysis.

Installing FLPTD2Root

If you have installed Falaise via Cadfaelbrew, simply do

$ brew update
$ brew install ptd2root

Using FLPTD2Root.py

FLPTD2Root is implemented as a simple command line python program. To get help on the available options, run flptd2root.py with the -h option:

$ flptd2root.py -h
usage: flptd2root.py [-h] -i <infile> -o <outfile>
Convert flreconstruct BRIO format to ROOT
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i <infile> input BRIO file
-o <outfile> output ROOT file

To convert a full BRIO format file output by flreconstruct, simply pass the path to this file as the -i argument, and use the -o option to supply the name of the output ROOT format file. For example,

$ flptd2root.py -i example-reco.brio -o example-reco.root

Format of the FLPTD2Root ROOT TTree

The format of the TFile/TTree is fully documented in a README PDF file.