Bayeux  3.4.1
Core Foundation library for SuperNEMO
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utils.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <boost/variant.hpp>
#include <datatools/handle.h>
#include <datatools/properties.h>
#include <datatools/command_utils.h>

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class  datatools::configuration::model_item
 Configuration item with an embedded parameter or variant model handle through a smart pointer. More...
struct  datatools::configuration::variant_parameter_set_type
 A triplet of character strings representing a variant parameter set directive. More...
class  datatools::configuration::variant_parameter_set_comparator
 Comparator functor used to sort variant parameters by registry and path. More...


 The Bayeux/datatools library top-level namespace.
 Nested namespace of the Bayeux/datatools module library.


typedef handle< variant_model > datatools::configuration::vm_handle_type
 Handle on variant model. More...
typedef handle< parameter_model > datatools::configuration::pm_handle_type
 Handle on parameter model. More...
typedef std::map< std::string, model_item > datatools::configuration::model_item_dict_type
 Dictionary of items. More...
typedef boost::variant< bool, int, double, std::string > datatools::configuration::parameter_value_type


bool datatools::configuration::validate_item_name (const std::string &)
bool datatools::configuration::validate_instance_name (const std::string &)
 Validate the name of an instance. More...
bool datatools::configuration::validate_model_name (const std::string &)
 Validate the name of a model. More...
bool datatools::configuration::validate_group_name (const std::string &)
 Validate the name of a group. More...