Bayeux  3.4.1
Core Foundation library for SuperNEMO
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types.h File Reference
#include <string>

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 The Bayeux/datatools library top-level namespace.


enum  datatools::basic_type {
  datatools::TYPE_NONE = 0x0, datatools::TYPE_BOOLEAN = 0x1, datatools::TYPE_INTEGER = 0x2, datatools::TYPE_REAL = 0x3,
  datatools::TYPE_STRING = 0x4, datatools::TYPE_ANY = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Basic type identifier. More...
enum  datatools::data_type { datatools::DATA_NONE = 0x0, datatools::DATA_SCALAR = 0x1, datatools::DATA_ARRAY = 0x2, datatools::DATA_ANY = DATA_SCALAR | DATA_ARRAY }
 Data type. More...


const std::string datatools::get_label_from_type (int type_)
 Return the label associated to a data type. More...
int datatools::get_type_from_label (const std::string &label_)
 Return the data type associated to a label. More...