This year’s Neutrino2020 conference is being held virtually, and while we’re disappointed not to be able to visiting beautiful Chicago, we won’t let it get us down!

Axel and Cloe present the commissioning poster

As well as listening to fantastic talks, we’ve been presenting our latest progress in a virtual reality poster session - complete with computerised bison and a Fermilab high-rise building. It’s almost like being there in person, and a great chance to catch up with old friends and show off SuperNEMO.

Cloé Girard-Carillo, Axel Pin, Manu Chauveau and Christine Marquet’s avatars could be seen presenting their poster on the SuperNEMO Demonstrator commissioning, which they produced with collaborators Ramón Salazar, Hichem Tedjditi, Will Quinn, Mathieu Bongrand and Yves Lemière. The poster explained the exciting work the collaboration has been doing with real data - equalizing calorimeter gains, characterising the timing response, analysing PMT waveforms and measuring the light response.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Patrick introduced the SuperNEMO demonstrator and presented latest results from NEMO-3 data. Cheryl with her poster and a virtual bison

If you’re at the Neutrino conference, come and find us in the upcoming poster sessions and social rooms - we’d love to chat!