Big congratulations to Dr Aivaras Zukauskas, who defended his PhD thesis last week!

Dr Aivaras Zukauskas of Charles UniversityA long-standing member of the collaboration, Aivaras was supervised by Vit Vorobel at the Charles University in Prague. His dissertation described his analysis of the two-neutrino double beta decay of $^{150}Nd$ in the NEMO-3 experiment and scintillator characterization for SuperNEMO.

Aivaras is now looking to pursue a career as an IT specialist in Prague, with a particular interest in monitoring automation, object recognition, big data, and machine learning. While some new PhD graduates take a rest, Aivaras will have no such chance - he will be busy with his growing family of three (soon to be four) boys. We wish him the best of luck and happiness for his future career and family life.