For this spring’s SuperNEMO collaboration meeting, we were welcomed to LAPP, situated in beautiful Annecy, in the French Alps. There was lots to discuss, with a main highlight being the preliminary analysis our very first real live data, as we work on commissioning the SuperNEMO calorimeter walls.

The SuperNEMO collaboration in sunny Annecy

Guest speaker Fedor Simkovic gave an informative lecture about the theory of neutrino masses and nuclear structure, a particularly relevant topic for some of our ongoing analyses, and very timely in the light of our recent NEMO-3 analyses of double-beta decay in Se-82 and Mo-100, where we were able to start probing the physics of the intermediate nucleus in the decays. Thank you, Fedor!

SuperNEMO analysers also got together before the meeting for an interactive software and analysis workshop, organised by Cheryl Patrick with tutorials from Ben Morgan, Yves Lemiere and Veronika Palusova. Many thanks to the three of them for their hard work - it was very useful!

A huge thank you to our hosts at LAPP - Alessandro Minotti, Andrea Jeremie, and Dominique Duchesneau, who did an amazing job of of welcoming us, and even managed to provide beautiful weather. Physics, wine and sunshine - does it get any better?