It’s SuperNEMO collaboration meeting once again, and this time, we are in beautiful Prague!

The collaboration in Prague

It was an intense meeting, as the SuperNEMO detector will soon be built. Collaboration members discussed the last few steps needed to get the Demonstrator module ready to start taking data. The rest of the year will be busy, with everyone pitching in to help with cabling, commissioning, and ensuring that our electronics and software are ready for the big day: SuperNEMO Run 0!

Ivan Stekl, Rastislav Hodak, Miroslav Macko and Martina Vanisova, of CTU in Prague did an amazing job of organising one of our finest meetings yet. Between the hard work and focussed discussion, we found time for some treats, as we were hosted in the historic brewery hotel U medvídků. We also greatly enjoyed a banquet at the Manes Art Restaurant, with a beautiful view over the Vltava River. How lucky we are! Thanks again to the CTU team for such a warm welcome.