Members of the SuperNEMO collaboration travelled from all over the world to Heidelberg, Germany for the Neutrino 2018 conference.

Held every two years, the Neutrino series are some of the biggest conferences in neutrino physics, with over 800 attendees discussing every aspect of neutrino physics - from oscillations to neutrino astrophysics, cross sections, sterile neutrinos and, of course, everyone’s favourite - searches for neutrinoless double beta decay!

Neutrino 2018 conference photo

Can you spot the SuperNEMO team members in the conference photo?

SuperNEMO members had plenty to contribute with posters on the calibration system from Ramon Salazar, Marek Proga, and Karol Lang; quality studies of our calibration sources from Miroslav Macko; energy reconstruction from Axel Pin, Christine Marquet and Emmanuel Chauveau; the radon background mitigation strategy from Fang Xie and Christophe Hugon; and our sensitivity to neutrinoless double beta decay from Cheryl Patrick, Alessandro Minotti, Lauren Dawson and Steven Calvez.

NEMO-3 results were also presented, with a poster on the $^{100}$Mo 2νββ decay measurement and search for Majoron and exotic processes from Laurent Simard and Victor Tretyak.

Thanks to the organising committee at Heidelberg for a fantastic conference!