Bayeux  3.4.1
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geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder Struct Reference

Marching method to find the foot point of a point on the surface of a quadric. More...

#include <bayeux/geomtools/foot_point_on_quadric_finder.h>

Public Member Functions

void set_epsilon (double)
 Set the absolute tolerance (length unit) More...
void set_alpha_max (double)
 Set the maximum value for alpha (dimensionless, default: 20) More...
 foot_point_on_quadric_finder (const quadric &q_, double epsilon_, double alpha_max_=-1.0, unsigned int max_iter_=20, const std::string &dbg_filename_="")
 Constructor. More...
int find (const geomtools::vector_3d &start_, geomtools::vector_3d &foot_point_)
 Main foot point finder algorithm. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static double default_alpha_max ()
 Return default alpha max. More...
static unsigned int default_max_iter ()
 Return default max number of iterations. More...

Protected Member Functions

void _init ()

Detailed Description

Marching method to find the foot point of a point on the surface of a quadric.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ foot_point_on_quadric_finder()

geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::foot_point_on_quadric_finder ( const quadric q_,
double  epsilon_,
double  alpha_max_ = -1.0,
unsigned int  max_iter_ = 20,
const std::string &  dbg_filename_ = "" 


Member Function Documentation

◆ _init()

void geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::_init ( )

◆ default_alpha_max()

static double geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::default_alpha_max ( )

Return default alpha max.

◆ default_max_iter()

static unsigned int geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::default_max_iter ( )

Return default max number of iterations.

◆ find()

int geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::find ( const geomtools::vector_3d start_,
geomtools::vector_3d foot_point_ 

Main foot point finder algorithm.

◆ set_alpha_max()

void geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::set_alpha_max ( double  )

Set the maximum value for alpha (dimensionless, default: 20)

◆ set_epsilon()

void geomtools::foot_point_on_quadric_finder::set_epsilon ( double  )

Set the absolute tolerance (length unit)

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